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About Us


Located in Phu Quoc island ,Truly Vietnam Travel which was established  as a result of a conversation between a Vietnamese man -Thanh, and Westerner business man- Doron Dovat and Tovy,during their discussion it became obvious they shared a passion for travel and a love of Indochina, in particular Vietnam. They also  had the same dream, to start a travel service company to provide the opportunity for others to experience the magical beauty and cultural richness of this part of the world. Now,Thanh uses his tourguide experience for creating relevant programme with assistance from Doron Dovat and Tovy.

Our staff are highly qualified and professional travel personnel. All are specialists and totally familiar with their country and the attractions and customs of the Vietnamese community and ethnic groups customer service.Your satisfaction is our goal and our staff are dedicated to this achieving this objective.


1.Coming to us you will be satisfactory with our high quality services.

2. We organize tours for bolth private and group.Whoever you are.Wherever you from.We will create the relevent tour programmes in order to meet the particular needs of your hobby and budget time.

3. Once when we get your requirements,our professional staff will solve quickly and carefully.

4. We are willing to receive your consultant request based on reasonable price and your budget time tours.

5. Providing you impressive trips, you have chance to discover the country, meet and communicate with people, culture and art in Vietnam. Beside the tour programmes are similar to other companies in Vietnam, Truly Vietnam Travel also can provide you many particular tour programmes.

6. Booking tour at Truly Vietnam Travel, you are served enthusiastically by knowledgeable tour guides who make significal contribution to the suceess of your trips.

7. We have never sacrificed quality for the sake of a short-term profit. We think of long term. Quality services will always be our priority.Quality also means investment, we invest in your recommendations thanks to our services you use.

8. With Truly Vietnam Travel, we put everything on our website accordance with our online pro-staff who are willing give you clearly explainations.You know well what you get before clicking e-banking for trasfacttion.What type of tour,what accommodation you use etc… and are always available with informations or pictures.

For that reasons,do not waste your time looking for tour companies in Vietnam.Reach us now,we woulk like to hear the news from you.