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1 לאוגוסט 2013–08–01

הנדון: טיול משפחתי לויטנאם וההתנסות שלנו עם שירותי  חברת

Truly Vietnam

בחודש יולי 2013  טיילתי עם משפחתי ( זוג+ חמישה ילדים בגלאי שנתיים עד 15 ) בטיול של 18 יום בויטנאם .

הטיול אורגן ותואם מספר חודשים לפני אל מול מר טן   thanh     הבעלים של החברה.

כל ההכנות  תואמו באופן מקצועי עם הרבה מחשבה וגמישות מצד מר טן לצריכם המשפחתיים שלנו.

לאורך כל הטיול הרגשנו בטוחים, וזכינו לשירות מצוין וליוי צמוד של מר טן.

כל הבקשות שלנו נענו ובכל בעיה שצצה מר טן מצא דרך לפתור אותה לשביעות רצוננו המלאה  ולא חויבנו בשום עלות נוספת.

רמת המלונות, הנהגים והמדריכים שהיו לנו לכל אורך הטיול מדרום ועד צפון היתה גבוהה  והיינו מרוצים מכל השירותים שקיבלנו.

אנחנו ממליצים בחום על חברת   truly Vietnam          ומר טן באירגון  טיול משפחתי בויטנאם

ומשוכנעים שהוא יספק את השקט וחויית הביקור הטובה ביותר בויטנאם.

אם תרצו מידע נוסף או יעוץ על כל דבר בנושא זה תרגישי חופשי ליצור איתנו קשר

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From: צ’יקו שגב
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2014 3:18 PM
To: Moshe Reuveni
Subject: טיול לווייטנאם וקמבודיה



Hi Thanh,

We are back home with our children but believe it or not, we wish we could continue travelling as we did in the past 3 weeks. Here are our feedback to the tour in Vietnam & Cambodia :

Overall observation – we had a wonderful experience and we enjoyed very much our visit to Vietnam and Cambodia. Every thing worked perfectly – the flights, the hotels, the tour guides, the cars, the drivers, the itinerary and the weather. You deserve all the complements for the organization and the logistics around our trip.

To be more precise we would elaborate :

Our best experiences and the most impressive sites were as follow  :

Hanoi A. Welcoming Zamira with a bouquet of flowers, B. Golden Silk Hotel, C. Temple of Literature, D. Hoa La prison – Hilton, E. Cyclo around the old city with thousands of motorbikes around,  F. the water puppet show and    G.the flower market at night.

Ha Long Bay – All in all a-m-a-z-i-n-g experience.

Sapa – A. TCha, our feminine tour guide was excellent : charming , very good English, vast knowledge regarding the vegetation, agriculture and the tribes in this area. We enjoyed very much her good service.   B. Bac Ha Market – a-m-a-z-i-n-g experience   C. Trek throughout the villages               D. Victoria Hotel

Back to Hanoi – It was an excellent idea to take us to 3*** hotel for hot shower and breakfast.

Hue & Hoi An – A. Tohi, our guide was excellent ! she exposed us not only to the sited in the area but also to the way the people of Vietnam live. For the first time we started to understand the life in Vietnam. She deserve all the complements. B. Imperial Hotel C. Thoi took us to Mandarin Cafe, a very good restaurant near Imperial Hotel where we have met the famous photographer and the owner Mr. Cue. You should include this visit in future itineraries. D.Sunrise Hotel E. Hoian walking tour.

Saigon – A. Cu Chi tunnels

My Tho, My Tho & Can Tho :  A. Mekong Delta tour – Excellent  B. The farmer’s market on the way to Can Tho  C. Floating Market

Cambodia A. Excellent tour guide – very good English, vast knowledge, great personality.  B. Angkor Wat’s temples  C. Tonel Sap lake boat tour.    D. Sofitel Hotel


Our recommendations for future improvements :

  1. To organize few home visits to families who live in Hanoi, Sapa, Mekong Delta – for better understanding the way of living in Vietnam
  2. The transportation to Ha Long Bay was not convenient.
  3. Night Train to Sapa – Please don’t call that cabin “Deluxe”. 
  4. Most visitors to Vietnam don’t know exactly the details of the American War so tour guides should be more knowledgeable about the American War and dedicate a special session for that.
  5. While driving from one place to another, tour guides should show and explain things about the way Vietnamese are living (i:e culture, marriage, birth control, burial ceremony, education. economy,  etc’). It makes the tour more interesting. It was done more by the Females tour guides but less by the Male’s guides. Some times we felt that some guides are “tired from all these tourists…”
  6. Duxton Hotel in Saigon was below the tour standard
  7. Food – Vietnamese food is very interesting fine food and part of the tour should be dedicated to get to know your foods : i:e visits to food markets, visits to authentic restaurants (and not tourist restaurants), to experience a cooking class and to taste different local dishes. This must be done with local guide and might add an additional good taste to the tour.

Again, we must emphasize that the tour was well organized & executed and we would like to thank you for that. 

Our recommendations for improvements were done on your request, and we hope it will help you to do better what you are doing best.

We will be glad to recommend your touring expertise to any one who is looking for a good and reliable travel agency in Vietnam

Best regards,

Chico & Zamira

from: Leshem, David
to: Hung Thanh <trulyvietnamtravel@gmail.com>
date: Sun, Oct 7, 2012 at 10:54 PM
subject: Thank You

Hi Mr Thanh

On behalf of the 4 of us, I would like to thank you for a wonderful vacation in Vietnam.

Your country is great, the people are beautiful, the Vietnam culture is very interesting and the activities to do are many and a lots of fun.

But most important, everything you coordinated for us was extremely done, everything worked exactly like you told me. You have prepared a very interesting plan, very good arrangements, very nice and professional tour guides, fantastic hotels and resorts, very good advices for evening and food activities. You also was very responsive to my requests before and during the trip. Everything was just perfect, much more than we expected, and since we toured all over the world, I can tell you that your plan and arrangements for us were world class.

Please convey our thanks to both the guide in Hoi An (sorry but I forgot his name) and to Kien from HoChiMin City who were very nice and told us a lot about the places we visited but even more important, about Vietnam people and culture. And please send special thanks and appreciation to Ms Cha from Sapa, she is a wonderful person, has lots of information and many stories which she told us, and was very nice to be with. You should always work with her.

Since you also asked for feedback and suggestions, I can tell you three things that can be improved:

  • The plan for the first day, outside of Hanoi, was much less interesting than all other days. For us, the most interesting was to see the people, the local life, and the first day was just “standard”. It was good it was only the first day, and then everything became better, but for future plans you do, maybe better to find other locations outside of Hanoi (the second day where we went with you to the villages was much much better)
  • In Sapa, after the Bac Ha market, it would have been nice to visit more villages. We did visit Ban Pho village and also the two villages the following day, as planned, but I understand there are more villages, of other tribes, in the area, and this could have been most interesting.
  • The city tour in Hoi An is quite simple to do on our own. While the guide was very good and we have no complaints, I think better to offer to do that part by our own. The second day, when we went to My Son, was fantastic

As you can see, even the comments for improvements are not many, and I am only giving them to you as there is always a place to improve and since you asked. But the whole experience was fantastic and we enjoyed our vacation tremendously.

We will certainly recommend you to anyone we know who plans to go to Vietnam, and since we are going to tell our friends how nice Vietnam is, I hope many of them will indeed come.

Regards and Toda Raba


from: Ran Friedlender
to: Hung Thanh <trulyvietnamtravel@gmail.com>
cc: shahar shavit
Ran Friedlender
date: Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 5:05 AM


Hi Thanh,

Sorry for the delay, but we’re very happy to give you feedback:


First, I want to say we had a wonderful time and the trip was great!

Your service and guidance were very professional in all aspects:

  1. Hotels selection – we were very satisfied with the hotels you chose for us, with one little drawback: the hotel in Lao Cai, where we had a shower before boarding the night train back to Ha Noi was dirty and disgusting.
  2. The boat in Ha Long bay – The crew was great, we enjoyed the meals (I think it would be wise to have more pasta and French fries for the kids), the kayaking was great and the overall time schedule was very good
  3. Night trains to Sapa and back were a nice experience
  4. Sapa: First of all is Trung! The kids (and us, the grownups) just loved him and were sad when we had to say goodbye. He took us through beautiful treks and was very communicative and funny with the children
  5. Sai Gon – The tours outside the city were very interesting, Kien was very nice and with a lot of knowledge, though his English is very hard to understand